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Thursday October 17th 2019
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Automated Milk Dispensers

Filling the bottle at automated milk dispenser

Filling the Bottle

It’s been nearly a year since we first started hearing about the mobile milk dispensers coming to the aid of ailing dairy farmers, and we had our first opportunity only last week to operate one of these units first hand at the Kubánské Náměstí Farmers’ Market.

Milk machine in Prague

Nice lady buying milk

As dairy farmers attempt to grab the last few duckets of profit from an increasingly sheepish business climate, more of these machines might be popping up around the city, not only at Farmers’ Markets. We have noticed similar machines set up outside of small village shops in Moravia and Slovakia, which is perfect if you need to get some milk for your coffee at 3am.

Dean drinking raw milk

Drinking dangerous milk?

The unit at Kubánské Náměstí even had a plastic bottle dispenser (at 5kc a pop) in case you forgot to bring your own liter bottle. Armed with a suitable container, all you need to do next is drop in 20kc, press Start/Stop, and fill away. Despite it being unpasteurized and that the machine instructs you to boil it before consumption, Dean immediately guzzled it, claiming it tasted like milk, maybe a bit better than pasteurized fresh milk. Dean so far has shown no symptoms from drinking the unpasteurized milk.

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