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Thursday October 17th 2019
Welcome To Urban Garden Welcome to UrbanGarden. Our aim is to promote the growing local movements in Prague and the Czech Republic. We wish to help consolidate information and offer a place where people can share their own info on local foods, recipes, gardening, farming, and local business activities.

A Green Map of Prague

Prague Residents, dust off your walking shoes! As of Wednesday, September 22nd Prague has joined over 600 cities and communities in getting its very own custom-designed Green Map. Developed by volunteers and published by the Auto*Mat association with support from the Nadace Partnerství and the Ministry of the Environment, this map differs from traditional maps in that it charts green living, ecological, social and cultural resources. It achieves this by highlighting the city’s walking and bike paths, parks, pedestrian zones, bio cafes, and public transportation routes.

The Green Map System offers a refreshing perspective where the car-heavy streets and highways take a back seat to the possibility of making one’s way around the city without four wheels and a gas motor. Also included are hundreds of tips for residents and tourists seeking out cultural monuments and eco-friendly businesses around town, as well as smoke-free establishments.

Prague Green Map

Prague Green Map.

As stated on the official Green Map website, this guide is instrumental in mapping out environmentally sound living, nature and culture with adaptable tools and icons. The goal of the association is to promote inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using map-making as the medium.

The paper map is free, with over 40,000 copies currently in distribution.

Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “A Green Map of Prague”

  1. Michael says:

    Cool! How do I get me one?

  2. J of Prague 1 says:

    This map is being widely announced but no one mentions
    where it is distributed.

    It seems to be related to this project
    but as well there is no information there regarding
    where to get the map.

  3. Dean says:

    We have tried getting a list of where the map was distributed but without luck. Apparently it was placed in the bars, restaurants, or cafes listed in the map, so you need a map in order to find one. We visited some of the map sponsors but they were out of the maps. It is the Green Maps first run, so hopefully run #2 will include additional external marketing.

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